Friday, 25 November 2016

Antarctica gear list

The stuff you will need when you go to Scott base:

Sneakers for inside scott base
Wrap-around glasses bring a backup pair to
Waterproof winter boots
Heavy Duty Pants
Heavy duty Snow pants
Head/ear/face protection
A flexible comfortable pair of cloths  
Two pairs of socks is suggested
Very basic toiletries
Camera and 3-10 of films
European 2-prong adapter
Your passport for exit and re-entry into New zealand

Things you may want :

GPS and compass
Extra batteries for your gear
Journal sized notebook for keeping notes
A book for the airplane or on the base
A pillow
A swiss army or leathermen knife
Markers and a pen
Camera charger for digital camera and spare batteries
A photo vest with pockets
Lightweight personal snacks
Electrical outlet splitter and extension cord
And don't forget the Duct Tape!

Things you won't need :
Any camping gear whatsoever - All of your needs will be attended to.
Extra-thick gloves

High-speed film.

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