Thursday, 22 September 2016

Denmark country study

This term we have been doing a lot of stuff  And for one of our topic we had to research
 up on a country and my country was denmark.


  1. Hey Kaleb. I really enjoyed reading your presentation and was super impressed with your emaze! Do you enjoy using emaze? What was the one thing you found the most interesting about Denmark? Keep up the great work, I am proud of you! Miss H

  2. Hi Kaleb, this is a really cool presentation you have done, I'm not sure if some of your slides are put into your own words but I might be wrong, emaze looks fun to use, do you want to go to Denmark? Anyway. bye.

    1. Hi Kobe I really like your comment and yes emaze is fun you can do all sorts of things on it. You should try is you just need to search up Emaze and make account we use our school accounts for it. I would love to go to Denmark it is really interesting so bye for now see ya Kobe.
      From kaleb

  3. Kia ora Kaleb, This emaze is amazing it has a lot of facts that are very accurate. But there are some words that don't look English and they don't have a translation so I don't know what they are or what it means! but hears a question would you live in Denmark if you could? I would because it has more people there so i can have more friends but I will have to learn the language. But apart from that it is mīharo (amazing).poroporoaki (goodbye).

  4. Hello Kaleb
    What I liked about this is that you made it look like that it is in a country or a town and it really made it look very fancy but next time you shouldn't make it move as much why did you choose Denmark
    Bye From Jyvhen


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