Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Boy in The strip

We are now starting A new book for a new term. This book is based in WW2 in Berlin and Berlin is also in Germany this is some pictures of the Berlin soldiers and there is a picture  Of Berlin Before WW2. The main Characters are Bruno, his mum and dad. We are up to when they have moved away into a place That is different then there old house  the new house has 3 floors and there old house had 5 floors . He had 3 best friends in Berlin And where the live now he has no friends. The worst thing in the book that where he lives... think really hard what it is by the count of 3 i will tell you 1 2 3 it is a concentration camp that Hitler designed and it is right next door so there is an iron fence with barb wire. So I would hate to go to it tell me in the comments if you want to go to one and why you want to go to one bye i will give you More updates about the book.  Image result for Berlin soldiersImage result for Berlin before ww2

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